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Member Rating: 9.06 Ariel Alexis - Date Added: Saturday, 07/23/2011
Ariel Alexis is in for a rude awakening if she think's that this glory hole is inactive. Ariel's petty cash is just enough to rent up a video booth so her eyes can take in the most extreme of interracial porn. This punk rocker/club chick has no idea that one of the walls is covering an anonymous black man with evil thoughs dancing in his head. The sight of Ariel Alexis masturbating was too much for him to resist and soon he's groping her before things get nastier. Ariel soon discovers the use for the holes in the wall as she drops to eye level of that big, black cock. Ariel hoovers it down like a Popsicle on a hot Atlanta day. Ariel's sweat and saliva make the perfect mixture on the thug's meaty member. Ariel's perky tits jiggle as her mouth puts in serious overtime in order to inhale all that black flesh. All that feeling up by those mammoth black hands were all Ariel needed to jump on that black rocket until her knees nearly buckle from all the excitement. Ariel can barely keep her legs straight enough or her eyes focused as a result of her inner organs getting punctured by black cock. Ariel Alexis kept riding that black bull until he couldn't hold back a blizzard of black tapioca deep in her white pussy. The oozing black seed dripped to the floor and we don't envy the janitor who's scheduled to clean up this booth in a few minutes.

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Here's what the members are saying

NULL Member trogl**** Said:
why she is going to annoy with a vanilla when she loves chocolate ? dope scene !!

NULL Member xfred**** Said:
very hott

NULL Member steve**** Said:
More Creampies!! And lets have two girls in the one booth fighting over who gets creamed!

NULL Member Sidra**** Said:
I would like to see my girlfriend there.

NULL Member Sidra**** Said:
Black Supremacy.

NULL Member Sidra**** Said:
Fantastic video.

NULL Member nice7**** Said:
This scene is great but trading gloryholes back and forth was lame. The rest of this formula is great.

NULL Member yvand**** Said:
i love this video,big black cock,little cock white loool.

NULL Member snipe**** Said:
god it makes it so hot when these girls get a blast of hot stranger cum in their wet pussy

NULL Member k9may**** Said:
Another scene fucked up by a bullshit creampie ending.

NULL Member poiss**** Said:
She's hot as FUCK! Give her the full Dogfart tour: CS, Blowbang, BoB!

NULL Member jcaye**** Said:
NO WHITE DICKS !! , there's gloryholeinitiations for them

NULL Member colen**** Said:
great tight snatch but no ass?

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