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Member Rating: 9.40 Blake Rose - Date Added: Thursday, 03/29/2012
Blake Rose was the most popular girl in school; every guy wanted a piece of her white ass and amazing tits. However, Blake didn't become a true whore until recently and you're about to see the transition. Blake Rose has tits that rival those of any super slut's. That ass? It's edible and as smooth as it's vaginal neighbor. Blake's pervy mind? It's just been programmed to get some anonymous black cock at any cost, even if that means going to the wrong side of the city. This gloryhole is about to play host to a sexy blonde and her thirsty for anonymous black cock; that's exactly what happens! Blake Rose sucks on some stranger black cock before her pussy gets drilled wide open. Blake Rose has ditched her prior obligations and risks alienation in order to get her first black cock(s). We have a feeling that there's a future pregnancy test in Blake's future that she won't be able to avoid.

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Here's what the members are saying

Member black**** Said:
Beautiful white whore.. that creampie was awesome! More seed for that white pussy!

Member lopma**** Said:
bring her back on blackson blondes

Member iquag**** Said:
Can you also bring back Blake for a real fuck scene! She's awesome

Member rheu7**** Said:
great scene awesome, what is the name of the movie playing in the backround?

Member kitty**** Said:
The Fuck scenes are AMAZING! but the end seemed chopped together and not enough made it inside her. Very high ratings though. The fuck scenes alone made me bust one.

Member jpvan**** Said:
Please more of her!!!

Member jopai**** Said:

Member zzang**** Said:
Waw!! more from this girl!!!

Member etter**** Said:
This is a super-chick !!Get her in an anal scene!!

Member jpvan**** Said:
Ag c'mon guys, why no more updates of her????

Member katyp**** Said:
rutge, that's an amazing idea

Member bbwhi**** Said:
yes on the condom idea - or have it just come off and the girl "doesn't notice"

Member rutge**** Said:
get her on again competing with another big boob slut to see who can make a brotha cum first.

Member bwcho**** Said:
best fucking ass on the site!

Member Barne**** Said:
The perfect slut with two dirty anonymous creampies. I would love to marry a dirty girl like Blake. 10 out of 10.

Member revol**** Said:
big tits pretty pussy creampie awesome!

Member hammr**** Said:
i agree on the condom suggestion. start with it, a girl who is thinking/saying it needs to be safe, then as it heats up, she pulls it off, and continues on to a hot creampie

Member zzdoo**** Said:
Agree on the condom removal.. Crazy hot!

Member zzdoo**** Said:
I agree on the condom removal creampie -- VERY hot!

Member Cream**** Said:
Very hot girl... i love her... But someone should tell the black guys to give better creampies... this two creampies are not the best one!!

Member dodge**** Said:
Simply amazing. I agree with jp, condom removal would be good, maybe a CP on cuckold sessions with this beauty.

Member PRWfo**** Said:
Love when the girls take that cum where it belongs.

Member fanch**** Said:
hot blonde with good tits. Love the creampie.

Member jpvan**** Said:
How about some condom removal and then a creampie.. Would be very hot!

Member jpvan**** Said:
Blake and Christie rated as the top two.. There you have it!! More of both!!!

Member jpvan**** Said:
Hell yes!!! I've been waiting ages for Blake Rose to get here!! Christie Stevens and then Blake Rose back to back on the same website!!! The hottest blondes ever... More of Blake please..

Member kitty**** Said:
someone explain to the colored boys how a cream pie works, please!

Member thibo**** Said:
more creampies!

Member abram**** Said:
More More More...Blake is so HOT!!!!!!. She need to be on every site!!!!!

Member easyg**** Said:
Hey Blake your ass should be in every scene. W O W

Member k9may**** Said:
Keep the bullshit creampies on this site and off the other sites.

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