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Member Rating: 8.94 Cadence Calibre - Date Added: Monday, 08/06/2007
You'd think that the popularity of the Internet would make the adult arcade obsolete. There's one thing that the web can't provide for Cadence that the glory hole can: A black cock that could be mistaken for a horse'. Cadence Calibre heard the rumors of the glory hole and had to see if there was any truth to it. After shelling out some cash for a private booth Cadence got naked and that's where things get interesting. Her nerves settled as each stitch of clothing hit the floor and the big black cock just inches from her face made the rumors a harsh reality. Instead of using her cell phone to call 9-1-1, Cadence took this chance to dive into the interracial ocean by blowing the black cock before her. There has to be something said about a girl willing to risk a lot by sucking off a complete stranger while other patrons of the store are just feet away. Throwing caution to the wind was executed as Cadence sucked on that black cock as if it was the last on Earth. Her head bobbed up and down that black shaft which brought Mr. X to the point where he couldn't hold back the cum shot that nearly decapitated Cadence. If only all black cum-guzzlers showed the enthusiasm that Cadence did.

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Member carlo**** Said:
bring this girl back if possible, she's so slutty

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