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Don't look now, but there's a "Nana" in your favorite adult bookstore! And just because Cammille Austin is entering her 6th decade on this planet doesn't mean she's frigid! Quite the contrary! This "Nana" loves big, black cock and the way it fills her up! That's why she's looking at the 17" black dildo! The store clerk can't believe his eyes, and once he talks a little to Cammille, he makes an easy decision: why judge anyone on their age and what to expect from any woman once they enter their "golden years"?!? Cammille is as horny as she was when she was 30, so the clerk walks "nana" back to the video arcade. We all know what goes down back in those filthy, dirty places! Once Cammille enters the private room, she's almost immediately accosted by the pervert in the next room over! But Nana loves this kind of dirty action, so it doesn't take long before she's letting the fellah feel her up! He walks away, but only for a moment...reappearing just a few feet away!'s his big, black dick that makes an appearance, so Nana shows him how well a 60-year-old can handle a BBC! It's amazing! Nana even offers up her pussy, which is as wet as the day she turned 18! Her black stud fills Nana's pussy full of his warm, sticky jizz. Nana's pussy is so full, some of it drips to the floor! But there's still enough Nana will feel the stranger's load drip down her thigh for hours to come!

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