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The freaks really do come out at night. Danica Dillon's full intention were to do something out of the ordinary but she really has no idea what's going to go down. The only thing Danica knows is that she's in the part of the city where liquor and gun stores pop up like wildflower. Inside the interracial gloryhole Danica is mildly disgusted at the filth resonating from the walls and the toilet itself. However, the vulgar language on display affects Danica to the point where she's soon masturbating as she expects no more to occur.Minutes later she's disturbed by a black dick that could very well be attached to an NBA, NFl or other pro athlete on their day off. The only thing that mattered was that it was big, black and there for her consumption. Danica dropped to the filthy floor and worshipped the mighty black salami as she gobbled each thick inch coming from the gloryhole.She sucks off the black ghost as her ass hangs off the bowl and in a variety of other positions. The only missing piece of this interracial sex puzzle was her white fuckbox and that soon was offered up for a black cock demolition. Danica's flexibility paid off as she lifted her left leg so her tender pussy could feel the tip of his black cock , all the way until his balls massaged her sore vulva. Danica's pearly whites were on constant display as her dime-sized vagina stretched to the diameter of a baseball. The only thing left for Danica was to allow the nerve endings on her face and tongue the privilege of tasting a fresh batch of black batter. Even though it was dark outside, Danica kept her head down as she left to hide the shame that comes with public sex.

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