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"Big rocks mean small cocks," Haley Reed tells the clerk at the adult bookstore. She's referring to two things: her wedding ring...and her hubby. Haley loves to cheat. It's like a sport. Haley loves the thrill of lying to her Hubby almost as much as she loves the thrill of big, black dick. Both make her heart pound...almost out of her chest! Today, she's getting her thrills by telling Hubby she's "out with the girls" as she's searching for a glory hole. Haley knows she's in the right spot, too! She's done the internet research, and the clerk at the bookstore doesn't deny a thing; in fact, the clerk leads her back to the arcade and to booth #7, where it all goes down! And goes down it does!! Haley's in the room for all of 2 or 3 minutes before a huge, thick black cock pops through. There's only one way Haley cheats, and that's with "NSA" (no strings attached) black dudes!! And where's the best place for that NSA encounter Haley thrives on? A glory hole, of course! Watch her play with the huge load of jizz she earns...and if the phone rings and it's Hubby? Just answer and listen as Haley lies her ass off!

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