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Member Rating: 8.27 Jaydence Rose - Date Added: Wednesday, 11/14/2012
We catch Jaydence Rose in the middle of watching some intense interracial porn. Jaydence is watching in the same manner that most people examine the Zapruder film, but the whore inside this gloryhole is minutes away from getting her own blasting. Jaydence finds herself groped and felt up by long, black hands and she's not resisting the experience. The hands disappear in favor of his big black cock along with with another. Now, at this point Jaydence is getting bombarded with big black cocks and her throat is giving them both some warm housing. This gorgeous whore gives her jaw a rest and it's now her pussy's turn for some excitement. Jaydence backs her beautiful ass against the filthy wall and her insides feel the full affect of huge black cock. After all, these are the first black cocks she's ever had in her life and she's milking the experience for all its worth. Jaydence continues to use her pussy to bring both faceless black guys to the brink of blowing their wads. Guess what...Jaydence grips each black cock and jerks them off on to her willing face.

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Member MrDF1**** Said:
wtf df. can't believe the quality of some of the girls lately 3/10

Member lefto**** Said:
mmmmmm, newcommer. nice. Can't wait ta see her on BOB or pickups.

Member timot**** Said:
Good white girl sucking 2 big black cocks. However, we must swallow still practice :-)

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