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Member Rating: 9.35 Mae Meyers - Date Added: Monday, 06/13/2011
Mae Meyers is about to put the whore to shame that's playing in her rented booth. Mae is a slut in training but has yet to reach her goal of being the biggest whore in the suburbs. Things are about to change when her tiny little hands hit hey keyboard to find this vile place. Mae's eyes nearly pop from her head as she reads several accounts of what a glory hole really is intended for. Fast forward to her entering this place and she's greeted with only the best in interracial porn. Our newest victim notices two holes cut out in the wall and some hardcore, interracial fucking going on in the running video. Mae, not the shy type, strips down and fondles every inch of her white frame. Those freshly manicured hands reach parts of her pussy that no limp white cock can ever penetrate. The next phase in Mae's "whore metamorphosis" comes when two cocks, one white and one black, come to join the festivities. Mae works both meat sticks with her mouth as if they were the two last dicks on earth. The only thing left to do was for her to ride each cock until her ass cheeks left a permanent imprint on the wall separating the 3. Daddy's little angel finished milking both cocks before she left with a dirty notch on her "whore belt".

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Here's what the members are saying

Member bwcho**** Said:
what a beautiful blonde white girl. reminds me of those fake-ass white bitches who ache for black cock and are afraid to take to admit it. bring her back and use her well.

Member meatl**** Said:
The baby will be mixed race...1 Black guy, 1 white guy. Ha

Member Parad**** Said:
Just about the hottest scene ever. Love the kissing, the two creampies (sloppy seconds!), and the cum dripping out of her pussy while she sucking another cock. . . She should've been stroking the dicks while they were kissing though, a little handjob action to start off with would've been hot too.

Member white**** Said:
One of the best - wonder what color the baby will be?!!

Member zzdoo**** Said:
Barebacking two strangers and letting them cum in her? I'm in love!

Member inspe**** Said:
how did she think her tight pussy was not going to make them guys explode inside of her

Member xfred**** Said:
more creampie clips

Member sator**** Said:

Member beerb**** Said:
More of this hottie, please!

Member SirKu**** Said:
Wunderful double cream pie!!! Show us more nasty girls, which gets creamed...

Member SealK**** Said:
OMFG! White Cock on a GloryHole, That's a fucking blasphemy!

Member ok4fe**** Said:
Good idea, different and HOT!

Member cmack**** Said:
best one yet. love the two creampie's! More please...

Member built**** Said:
novel idea: make it possible to disable seeing the comments box. i'm sure it's useful to you but for the ordinary member it's only half-assed comedy.

Member jakem**** Said:
Why this girl sucking on white dick? Maybe it hang out there and get teased while she please the big hungry black cock. Why this girl bother with little one when real angry negro cock is there?

Member belle**** Said:
No more white guys. Creampie great and Mae is fantastic

Member lucym**** Said:
WOW! Absolutely Best Double Creampie EVER!!!

Member nice7**** Said:
2 chicks >>>>> 2 cocks

Member foesb**** Said:
I hope she wears tight yoga pants on her next shoot. I swear she could rock a fat cameltoe with that pussy. Doggy style pussy farts should be a must also!

Member fanch**** Said:
Fucking beautiful unwanted creampies...She doesn't want sperm, she shouldn't give up her pussy to random guys!

Member gwgra**** Said:
This girl has to be one of the worst actresses ever on gloryhole. The way she says "oh no, not again" was delivered as if she were reading the Wall Street Journal. And get rid of the holes where the guys can put their faces through. You can clearly see Hooks through the hole kissing her, which ruins the "anomyinity" of the storyline. I am trying to suspend disbelief, please don't thrust it back in my face.

Member mlois**** Said:
Best scene ever on I like surprises..

Member orego**** Said:
quiet yes- but awesome. loved the sloppy seconds. would love to see her in a 3way with another girl to see how much she likes pussy.

Member bigbl**** Said:
I hope when this girl does the B.O.B. shoot she is a little more vocal and gets into it. She is pretty hot, but damn...Someone should check her pulse! Come on!!!!

Member ajugg**** Said:
Creampies are fucking awesome... but wtf years without no white guys and now u wanna have them on.... fuck that shit... black cocks only

Member slick**** Said:
Must bring Mae back for a gangbang. More creampies, swallowing. Only thing wrong with this scene - keep the white guys out of the gloryhole site.

Member EvilD**** Said:
This was okay done, no offense intended to the actors but the armholes and the face hole is pretty lame. By adding that it creates a problem with the anonymous part of a gloryhole. Secondly the creampie reaction needs to be more genuine, that being said the guy creampieing the girl and then leaving quickly would be better and the Bathroom scenes are more tasteful than the theatre background for a Gloryhole scene. Definitely keep with the creampie theme lets just see something a little more like the older scenes on the site.

Member hvitp**** Said:
Come on! No white dick unless it's small and made fun of! What the fuck is happening here???

Member DarkH**** Said:
The white guy totally ruined a would be hot scene.

Member Benny**** Said:
white cocks only cuckold, please white guys no fuck...

Member justj**** Said:
i agree, this is an interracial site, keep the white guys off

Member BUDDY**** Said:

Member pisto**** Said:
psh yeah right, keep the creampies comin!!

Member Chase**** Said:
fuckin love the creampie!

Member k9may**** Said:
No creampies Keep creampies on the Dogfart site for that bullshit

Member k9may**** Said:
GET THE WHITE GUYS OFF THE GLORYHOLE! And get rid of the arm hole too.

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