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Melissa Lynn has been happily married for almost 20 years. She and Hubby love to "spice things up in the bedroom" by watching interracial porn before they make love. Today's a special day for Hubby, too. He works hard and just closed a big deal and Melissa wants to surprise him by buying a dirty movie and playing it when he arrives home. She'll be wearing some sexy lingerie, too! But something happens at the adult book store she visited in order to buy the dirty movie: the store clerk simply asked, "would you like to look at this before you take it home?" Melissa agreed, and before she knew it, Melissa was in a seedy, creepy video arcade! Yes, it creeped her out...but it kinda made her horny, too! In fact, she started rubbing her wet pussy while her dirty movie played on the TV! What happened next startled her! The stranger in the next booth over grabbed her through a hole in the wall! Then, he shoved his big, black dick through another hole! Melissa couldn't believe all this, nor could she believe how met it made her! So, in the span of one quick decision, she shattered her marriage vows! And the one thing she asked the stranger, "please, don't cum in me, cause I'm trying to have a baby and I'm very fertile"...well, that went wrong, too! In other words, there might be a very big surprise for Hubby in about 9 months from now!!

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