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Member Rating: 9.35 Paige Turnah - Date Added: Thursday, 01/19/2012
"Tall" and "sexy" are a few words that describe Paige Turnah. Pictures and video speak for themselves as to how hot this English import is. Paige has heard of the glory hole but England seems to be completely void of them. The adult arcade that Paige has stumbled upon is where she's going to get a taste of American hospitality. Actually, it's going to be African-American hospitality. Paige settles in for an afternoon fo viewing interracial porn when an anonymous black cock tests the waters. Paige rests her beautiful ass near the floor and proceeds to suck the life out of the anonymous black cock. The black cock pokes her mouth until her eyes get as watery as the Thames River. Paige won't rest until her baby storage locker is stuffed full of black dick. Paige bends over and rides that anonymous black cock until her rental booth time runs out. A few seconds to spare means that Paige gets to milk that black cock until her face and tits are covered with black oatmeal.

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NULL Member jkall**** Said:
she absolutely must do a blowbang scene

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Great natural girl! Great attitude, getting the cum off the floor...

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HOT!!!! please bring her back..

NULL Member mandy**** Said:
very hot

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I agree with wm_ne. She's the best Snow Bunny on this site! I'll never leave now!

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OMG! This chick is HOT! How sexy is that? 10!!!!!!!!!!

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She's FINE! I gave it a 10, get her back for more.

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Kiss on the mouth through the hole is marvellous.

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this is why we all subscribe to this site...... fuckin sperm lappin greedy white whores!!!!!! 10 stars

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That was nasty!! I loved it!!

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perfection. need her in a 6-man gangbang

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Junkage in da trunkage....3good.

NULL Member wm_ni**** Said:
@ 13:58 at the first sign of cum she sticks her tongue out to catch it - no direction needed, that's instinct. Half of these whores dodge cum. A whore dodging cum is like a police officer dodging crime, useless - change jobs. Before this video I had never heard of Paige Turnah (so many cracker whores online I lose track)... But I know who Paige is now, She's attractive and she'll let a Nigga nut in her mouth... 10/10. She scooped sperm off a dirty floor and rubbed it on her tongue, reward her - She should be booked for every dogfart site that aint gay.

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