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Member Rating: 9.37 Remy LaCroix - Date Added: Monday, 05/28/2012
Remy LaCroix is about to have a story that her grand children won't ever believe. Remy's ventured to the wrong side of town and, after it's all said and done, her white pussy will be the victim of a black cock assault. There should have been some warning signs in the nieghborhood that this adult book store is located at. The walls? Filthy and no amount of cleanser can fix that. The interracial porn playing inside the rental booth? It's showing the dirtiest white sluts milking the biggest black dicks. Remy should have had some idea of what she was getting into when some anonymous black cocks showed up along with a mysterious black woman on the other side of the wall. Remy plays with that anonymous black pussy before turning her attention to the black cocks growing from the wall. Remy sucks on each black cock while still giving attention to the anonymous black whore on the other side. Remy Lacroix worshipsn at the throne of black cock but her tight white pussy can't seem to allow one of them access to her uterus. Most other whores would give up at this point but Remy LaCroix keeps on truckin' as she keeps on fuckin' the other black cock while rubbing her feet against King Kong's dork. The gloryhole's latest visitor gets on her knees and a tidal wave of black jizz makes Remy a very happy whore.

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Here's what the members are saying

NULL Member MrDF1**** Said:
df bring Remy back again and again she's so good

NULL Member evilb**** Said:
Good performance by her.

NULL Member attic**** Said:
a hot inter-reaction between the three performers - I loved Remy's responses - very hot, and a distinctive, unusual scene

NULL Member bwcho**** Said:
what a hot little fucking whore.

NULL Member jVFhn**** Said:
Wait a second... You are passing yourself off as a "bad" girl that likes black cock, but your mommy threw away your porn collection when you are 23 fucking years old? GET A NEW PLOT!

NULL Member jVFhn**** Said:
Your mother sounds far smarter than you. She might be trying to keep you from having some piece of shit black-ass nigga baby that you cannot take care of without sucking off of the taxpayers of this country!!

NULL Member jVFhn**** Said:
This bitch be ugly. niggas can have her ugly ass.

NULL Member samsa**** Said:
Very hot scene! I just loved how the black girl (Leilani Leeane)was helping in directing the action. Next time have the black girl on this side of the wall forcing the white girl into sucking and fucking the black cocks. Black girl could do stuff like: pushing her head onto the cocks, talking shit in her ear, taking pictures with the white girl's cell phone to send to her boyfriend, and making her swallow cum. Just an idea.

NULL Member imabe**** Said:
get the black girl behind the wall for more glory hole scenes. something different, thanks df

NULL Member franc**** Said:
Beautiful girl (10), but the scene doesn't do it for me (only 7). Wold be better without the Glory Hole wall.

NULL Member k9may**** Said:
Get rid of the yapping bitch on the other side of the wall...

NULL Member beerb**** Said:
I agree with ok4fe, best scene on Glory Hole site EVER!

NULL Member ok4fe**** Said:
You guys have taken this shit to a new level! You have no competetion! This has to be the best Glory hole ever of all time! Fine ass girls best fuckin scenes. There's nothing else I can say. But, this ain't no ten (10) 11 or 12 maybe, but don't short it with a 10!

NULL Member revol**** Said:
a. she is hot b. love adding the hot black girl and licking thru the gh c. interracial 3some is a great idea for a new site

NULL Member ircuc**** Said:
super fine chick. Love the foot job. please bring her to cuckold sessions have let some poor white boy suck black cum from pussy!

NULL Member beerb**** Said:
This little hottie is smokin'! Get her back for more scenes asap!!!

NULL Member markt**** Said:
hot ...who owns that black pussy

NULL Member raide**** Said:
Great scene! Who is the black chick?

NULL Member BUDDY**** Said:

NULL Member mandy**** Said:
horny love it

NULL Member Golfe**** Said:
This should stay at the top of the list for a long time

NULL Member SealK**** Said:
What's going on? Not available for download or streaming?! Only Pics!

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