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Member Rating: 8.90 Scarlett Monroe - Date Added: Thursday, 10/25/2012
It really doesn't matter what the cover charge is for this strip club. The price isn't too high when Scarlett Monroe is shaking her ass and titties for as many dead presidents as your wallet can hold. Scarlett has tits that are as big as the bouncer's who are standing guard outside the front door. Scarlett Monroe is fairly new to the dance circuit, but those amazing tits are about to afford her the chance to put a decent down payment on some property. Actually, Scarlett's mouth and pussy are about to become property of a couple of anonymous black cocks and , to her and us, that can only be a good thing. Scarlett's routine is interrupted when she get on her knees, presses those huge tits against the wall and sucks on over two feet of faceless black cock. Scarlett's crimson lips smear lipstick all over those two huge black cocks until her creamy pussy steps up to the place. The tits on Scarlett sway and nearly knock her unconscious as she rides the gloryhole until the wall nearly crashes down. The thirsty and busty white slut drains both huge black cocks until there's no more black sauce left for her consumption.

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Member kitty**** Said:
+1 on loosing the stripper stage. Go back to the VIP rope-light room then, if anything.

Member glory**** Said:
Weak scene she looked like she was getting paid to ride those dongs! There are tons of pretty chicks who have been at the gloryole, sexier and prettier than her stop over reacting! Don't bing her back the last two updates were alot better!

Member Dirty**** Said:
Gorgeous love this tiny chick! I would love to see her do some of the other sites here at Dogfart she needs to do a gangbang!

Member SealK**** Said:
Very good update! She's gorgeous! Strange, at certain angles, she is stunning as a Top Model from Victoria's secret and on other ones, she's pretty common. But she's nasty! Too bad there wasn't 3 blacks dicks at the same in the 3 holes, that's my favorite GH position when a white girl suck the BBC in the middle hole while she jerk the nigga on the left and on the right! If no 3 BBC in the 3 holes, why not a wimpy dick just to watch it get ignored! Or, since she's a stripper, one of her customer forced to watch while locked in chastity belt?!

Member gawnd**** Said:
yeah, this slut needs gangbanged

Member blaze**** Said:
That face looks good on the end of a dick

Member iluvz**** Said:
Get this gorgeous doll on all the interracial sites, especially Interracial Blowbang! She has the kind of beautiful slut looking face I really love.

Member ok4fe**** Said:
She swallows! That's good enough for me!

Member miivo**** Said:
Really like this girl. Bring her back for more than just a gloryhole.

Member LangD**** Said:
She looks like a tranny. Not hot.

Member mrfis**** Said:
I want to lick her asshole, and then ram my cock up it.

Member k9may**** Said:
Shit can the stripper stage!!

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