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Tons of free time is the true enemy of every white girl's father. Tiffany Star spends her days looking for her next thrill. After typing in "public sex" to a popular search engine Tiffany was given hardcore images that are now burned into her mind. Tiffany saw white girls getting their first helping of big black cocks and she decided to be next in that elite line. The gas station in the bad part of the city was where Tiffany would soon find a big black cock firmly nestled inside her mouth. While her parents were locked in some cubicle Tiffany was in this filthy bathroom stall where her white lips were tasting black meat for the very first time. The festivities were only beginning when Tiffany exchanged the safety of her mouth for the tightness of her white pussy. That amazing ass shot towards the ceiling as each inch of black cock made its way inside Tiffany's pee hole and beyond. Every ounce of vaginal juice soon coated the black stranger's cock that was slowly stretching Tiffany's pussy to the point where she'd be useless for white guys. Tiffany's last bit of generosity came when he did.....right inside her warm fuckhole. Nearly a quart of country slop was shot right inside daddy's filthy angel. If she leaves soon enough she can get to a pharmacy and purchase a home pregnancy test.

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What boots!

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Tif here took one HUGE THICK load of Afro swimmers deep into her womb. If not on the pill, I've no doubt she was conceiving a black baby before leaving that booth! Great scene!

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the ugly boots were a bonerkill though

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thank you dogfart for more of tiffany star... i'd love to see more BOB

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