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WTF is a Glory Hole

Well, if you're on this page, you have some idea about gloryholes and anonymous sex through a hole in a wall. Glory holes are the ultimate in no strings attached sex. If you're curious about all the ins and outs keep reading below.

The wikipedia article on gloryholes defines them as "a hole in a wall, or other partition, often between public lavatory stalls or adult video arcade booths, for people to engage in sexual activity or observe the person in the next cubicle while one or both parties masturbate." Most people think glory-holes are urban legends. This simply isn't true. Not only do public gloryholes exist in places like restrooms, truck stops, and adult bookstores, some of the lesser adventurous people install their own private gloryholes for personal use.

Why are these holes so popular?

The anonymous factor is what sparks the excitment in most gloryhole fans. Not knowing who's getting you off, or who you're getting off is terrifying and sexually arousing. The thrill of getting caught just adds to the excitement, if you're married this excitements adds to the eroticism. The idea of a white married women engaging in anonymous sexual encounters with a black man is what makes our site great.

Most of the white women we find in our secret gloryhole locations are there to cheat. They're pissed off at their husband and they're seeking revenge. Some just want something "bigger" than what their man has to offer. By coming to our interracial gloryhole location they can quickly satisfy both needs. Before we go further, yes our gloryholes are real. Yes, sometimes we bring pornstars to our gloryhole locations but the guys on the other side are always random anonymous black men. It's dangerous, we know, but anything worth while usually is.

The First Gloryhole Encounters

When we first started bringing white girls to the gloryholes everything started off pretty casually. A handjob here, some oral here and usually some light pussy teasing. As the holes have become more mainstream the girls have really opened up, so to speak. Lots of babes seeking revenge on their significant others are willing to do insane things. They're swallowing a black guy's load. They're dropping their panties and fucking the big black dicks that come through the hole. White women who'd never do anal with their husbands are giving up their asses to a stranger's dick. And the ultimate... the gloryhole creampie. You never know what you're going to get.

We don't want to paint a bad picture of women coming to engage in anonymous sex through a gloryhole. Not all women are there for revenge. Some white girls love the idea of having sex with a well hung black guy. Throw in the idea of doing it for the first time with someone they'll never meet takes little convincing. They want something more, something bigger and a new thrill to add to their "I was 20 once" list. You only live once right?

Starting back 23 ago, we started this website to capture real gloryhole action. We're updating all the time with exclusive interracial gloryhole videos and in real locations all over the world. We've visited adult bookstores, adult arcades and public restrooms to bring you some of the best anonymous IR sex movies ever released. We've seen it all. Stop thinking these gholes aren't real. Stop wondering if your wife is looking for these holes in the wall (she is). Start watching the hottest white women in the world suck and fuck a stranger through a hole in the wall. Grab a membership, start downloading and start watching what has to offer.

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