Zoey Portland from GloryHole.com

Starring: Zoey Portland

Tags:  1 on 1, Big Tits, Blonde, Facial, Shaved 

Movie description:

It seems as if there's a steady stream of blondes willing,ready and able to do the filthiest things in the dirtiest of places. Please welcome Zoey Portland. Zoey's no prude and her fascination with the interracial porn playing in this adult bookstore has attracted her attention. The sights and sounds of a chick getting fucked by a huge black cock are all that's needed to get Zoey's juices flowing. The real deal enters via the hole in the wall, and of course, Zoey's not passing up this chance to get some anonymous black cock. The slutty blonde drops to her knees and treats that faceless black guy to an intense blowjob. Zoey's talented mouth keeps working on that anonymous black cock until she decides it's time to take this filth up to the next level: Bareback fucking. Yup, you read that right. Zoey forgoes protection and rides the wall BARE until that black cock deposits its goo all over her face.

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Zoey Portland

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    Small dick? In what fantasy world do you live in?

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    pretty blonde whore.

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    such stupid fuckin comments, "small dick"? you wish yours was that big, commentary on fake boobs, this is porn nimrod not your fucking wife, and for the guy complaining about not enuff jizz? close your eyes and poor some milk down your throat, then you can imagine you're swallowin a bigger load ...read more

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    small dick

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    love the way she milk her black master,damn sooo hot

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    Absurd tits. And I don't mean in a good way. I don't get homer****'s comment. These are generally sluts being slutty, not puritans getting violated, raped, or taken advantage of. The tats are in harmony with the sluttiness. The terribly ugly fake boobs, on the other hand, are the product of insecure women wanting to be something they are not, which is not what a good slut is about. Just my opinion, and maybe it is somewhat incongruent. Tats and piercings = independent, individualistic, rebellious. Fake tits = insecure, wanting to conform to what one thinks others desire. ...read more

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    another weak ass nigga pop shot. Whats up these guys cant get off. I must watch them being jerked off for 10 fucking minutes? And then no load? This brother was weak. Big cock yes but weak ass load. ...read more

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    So sexy. I wish my hot wife suck black cock just like zoey.

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    Stupid white trash cunt. Really stupid cunt

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    Can we start to get some women doing scenes without tattoos? Seeing the tattoos suspends my disbelief that these women are somehow being violated by these thugs (most of whom are also tattooed?). Sorry.

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    I prefer this ends in a creampie

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    looks like sex change pussy

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    She's cute with massive black cock in her maw.

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    Am I to assume only 1 person voted here? That is why it has a 9+ rating? The guy Jovan Jordan has to go. When he is In gangbangs he spends most of his time jerking off. Very disapointed. Get A list girls to do gloryhole. At least they know how to suck dick ...read more

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    when are you going to do some more 2on1 or 3on1 scenes? We also enjoy the bf talking to the gf on the cell phone during the scene.


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