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What do Members Get?

What do you get as a member? More that just a username and password!
From the highest quality movies available to the powerful searching tools, we got you covered. Need more details? Here's a small list of what's inside the members area:

Access to all 23 Dogfart Sites

When you join not only do you get access to the best hardcore interracial website in the world, you also get full access to all 23 of our interracial themed sites. Our 100% exclusive network of sites contains thousands of hours of interracial video footage. Each video also features Behind the Scenes footage, High Resolution still images, downloadable .zip files and more. Click here to see all 23 included sites

Download the 1080p mp4

Starting back in 2011 our members starting asking for 1080p video downloads. Granting the wished of our members is of utmost importance to the Dogfart team. The filesizes are big, but the quality is amazing. Why are the files so big? We're packing a lot of pixels! For you tech saavy people out there, our videos are 10Mbit at 60fps.

Stunning 4k quality

Our video quality is second to none. Using best production equipment in the porn industy yields the best final product: our interracial porn. You'll be in awe when you're watching our high definition videos that are so crisp that it feels like you're actually in the gloryhole! Our videos play on any device and on any computer. You're going to love it.

Customer Support

When you run into issues on most adult sites, the customer support team usually leaves you unhappy. That's not the case here at Dogfart. Our customer support team based in the US is here 24/7. Each customer support email is not only attended to by our support staff, but EVERY SINGLE EMAIL is also sent to the owner of the company. We're making sure you're happy and that your experience is what you'd expect when joining a DogfartNetwork site. Need some help right now? Click here for Dogfart Customer Support.

Search, Filter and Favorite

The most frustrating thing about joining many adult sites is not being able to find the videos you're looking for. Creating and updating our search and filtering tools is a huge priority. Do you want to know every appearance your favorite pornstar makes on all 24 of our sites? No problem. Looking for a specific interracial sub-niche? Our category listing tool will help you find all the movies in your favorite category, or in multiple categories! We have over 3000 exclusive scenes making your favorites easy to find is key. When you do find your favorite movies, you can easily add them to your list of favorites so next time you log in you don't have to search again!

Mobile, Tablet and Desktop Friendly Videos

It's 2019. You're probably viewing this site on your mobile device. People are spending more time on their phones than they are with their families! So we know how important it is for our fans to be able to perfectly watch movies from any device. Whether you're on your phone, your tablet or desktop we here at Dogfart make sure that the time you're using to escape life is as pleasurable as possible. You'll never run into an issue enjoying yourself on