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Starring: Angel Smalls

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Angel Smalls is upset with her boyfriend. No, he didn't cheat on her. Worse. Recently, he called her a "prude". "All you wanna do is missionary with the lights off!", her boyfriend said, right before marching out of the bedroom. So here Angel is now, at an adult bookstore. She's started to dress more provocatively since her boyfriend said that, and today's Angel is going to do something she's never done before: buy a dirty movie. Her plan? Next time she and her man "do it", she'll have the lights on. Angel will have the movie playing. And she'll be nude, waiting for him in doggy style when he comes home from work! Since she's never bought a dirty movie before, our friendly clerk is going to help her out. Then, he'll allow her -- for free -- to preview one of the DVD's back in the arcade before taking it home. Once in the booth, there's some more surprises waiting for little Angel: what's about to go down is a no-holes-barred (literally) suck and fuck session! Angel's no prude!! But she's not gonna mess with the little white wee-wee, either!!!

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Angel Smalls

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    more scene with Angel Smalls...she is the best!

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    @toetw**** Haha, come on man, stop that silly whitie self-hatered. One just likes to see white girls being screwed by blacks cause its such a nasty business ruining a girl that way. :)

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    I see a ton of what I've been asking for in the previews of upcoming scenes so... taking my foot out of my mouth now... thanks, DF! CANNOT WAIT!!!

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    A real cutie, and she knows how to work a cock to get every last drop out of it.

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    stop with the tiny white dick !!!

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    Forgot to mention I loved when she used the superior black man's cum to stroke the inferior white penis! I mentioned doing this before so regardless of whether or not I inspired this, I'm just glad we got to see it! The clothes hanging off is always a classic too. She flicked and flicked it, trying to keep it just hard enough to keep those clothes from slipping off! LOL! Awesome! So there were some really great things going on in this scene, regardless of my previous post about the race-play/sWph. In fact, I'm giving it a "9" for this very reason. It basically had ALMOST everything I'm looking for in a gloryhole scene. Even the line about the small, WHITE cock looking like her boyfriend's cock was SENSATIONALLY HOT! THAT's what we need more of. That's why it's a "9". Soooooo close, DF! :) more

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    Loved the scene and Angel is a true star in my book. Also can't get enough of the small, white penis humiliation but for the love of all that's holy whhy in the fucking hell can't we get these girls to engage in RACE-play? This entire site in its entire history is about racial differences, as well as the entire interRACial genre itself, and I've been railing for YEARS and YEARS to get this idea elevated to what it all boils down to: BLACK DICKS ARE BIGGER THAN WHITE DICKS! Why can't we hear the girls talk about it??? We used to have Spring Thomas, Candy Monroe, etc talk all about, as Spring used to love to call our penises, "small, white pee-pees" but now it's actually rare to hear anything about that fact even when one is presented to a WHITE girl sucking a big, BLACK cock and flicking a little, WHITE pecker!!! Angel didn't even say the word BLACK once, if I recall correctly, and this is just ridiculous and so disappointing. I wish and wish and wish I knew the reason for this but there's never one offered. In fact, the beta white-boy cuckold audience is often lured in by the synopsis above with phrases the likes of which I'm talking about but then you get into the scene and there's almost always NONE of it there. It's maddening and I'm so sick of it... Why oh why can we not hear these girls talk about the size differences between BLACK and WHITE cocks and how funny the little, WHITE ones look when compared to the massively large BLACK ones? If I wasn't basically a 15+ year subscriber with an interracial porn addiction I'd cancel my sub or, at least, threaten to in order to get some traction on this issue but we both know I'm not going anywhere... :( Please, Dogfart, please do something here. It's a natural thing to have white girls laughing at and mocking small, white-boy pee-pees, especially when they are BBC sluts/Snowbunnies like the performers you employ here. Trust me, I know firsthand from 20+ years of phone sex and cam girls talking about this very subject and it's NOT because I'm paying them... at least not entirely lol. This is the facet that's missing here and I implore you to consider my words. There are entire sites dedicated to the humiliation aspects of white males and their inferiority complexes with BBC and if you could tie it all in you'd have a one-stop-shop for this very prevalent fetish. Thanks for listening :) more

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    fantastic, she's so hot, nice and shaved too, love the white dick rejection!

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    Stop with the second dick, you had a really good plot then that second dick ruined it

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    Angel Smalls is a petite black cock freak! Want to see Mandingo and Lex Steele in her ass!!


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