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Starring: Riley Reyes

Tags:  Creampie, Anal, 1 on 1, Blonde, No Tattoos, Hairy, ATM 

Movie description:

Make no mistake: Riley Reyes is not a prude! She still feels she has something to prove, though, after one of Riley's friends called her one. Riley didn't like it, so now she's going overboard to prove she ain't no prude! Just look at the clothes she wears now! And marching into an adult bookstore to "buy things" to prove it. It doesn't take long for the friendly clerk to get her back to the video arcade, and once inside, Riley is at it again: watching dirty movies and rubbing her swollen clit...cause she's no prude! Even when a small, pink pee-pee comes through the hole, Riley is down to suck it...even though she'll need to psyche herself up! Just as she's in the middle of that, a second, much larger, much darker dick pops through another hole! It's big and black, and you know what that means. Sorry white boy! You've just been replaced!! Riley sucks and fucks and, from time to time, apologizes to the thirsty white boy. Riley even puts it in her ass!! Then, she'll take the black man's load deep inside her fertile womb, knowing a pregnancy is on the horizon. Probably! But at least Riley Reyes is not prude!!!

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Riley Reyes

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    She has the skills. Bring her back for a blowbang!

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    Riley is fucking hot and has a particularly fine ass, but she deserves a beefier cock to work on.

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    I wish she gave the white dick sloppy seconds!

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    That was very good. It didn't need the white guy

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    The super hot Riley enjoying a BBC isn't enough for you fucks, you need white boy humiliation. It is so fucking stupid. It seems time for Miss Reyes to do a 1 on 1 or 2 on 1 ASAP. more

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    Always link the scene playing in the glory hole in future

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    shes so sexy bring her back , love the big black dick on here

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    love the small penis humiliation! great girl, super hot!

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    Forgot to mention too that it would be nice to see the white girls at least play with the small, white pecker. Not very much at all but flicking it and making it bounce around with a single white girl finger, like we saw in one scene awhile back, is a super welcome thing to see as well as seeing the women's clothing draped across is like you have done may times already (THANK YOU!). Would it also be possible for the wee white willy to be stroked a little bit to make them hard for the flicking that comes directly after that? Making sure to have the white women use just their thumb and forefinger to stroke those little, pink cocks to show how pathetically small our cocks usually are. It's also quite the tease for the white-boy thinking he's going to get any real attention. Stroking the sorry, sissy stubby after the black cock cums and using the black man's cum is another idea that I enjoy imagining. Then there's also the option of actually stroking the wimpy, white-boy wiener to completion, though I can see why this would be problematic, it would be nice only in the sense that the girl never uses her mouth (unless you want to show how she can completely swallow him whole without effort due to it's small size) or anything else aside from her two fingers to get him off. I love the idea of the two white girl scene where you have one white, one black cock and they trade off, taking turns enjoying sucking and fucking that huge bbc and, conversely, giggling and laughing, mocking and teasing, flicking and 2-finger stroking that teeny weenie peenie. It should be fun for both of the girls to play with both of the cocks but for VERY different reasons lol. It would be extremely humiliating for us, the white-boy whacker community :) I could go on for days... but I won't... Thanks for listening! more

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    I gave this a 10 for several reasons but Riley's just awesome! She has an amazing body and those FEET.... OMFG! Love the use of the shoes that allowed her to show them off to us little, white footboys also. Love the creampie and her walking out with it still up her cooch. Epic seeding! Just please add more race/color-specific insults with this small, white penis humiliation. Jimmy is great and his cock is literally just as small as mine so I always love seeing him in these scenes but he can't do it all on his own. Give these girls some white-boy specific insults like the ones I've been feeding you over the years in these comments lol... You use them a lot in the synopses of these scenes, like just above you say "pink pee-pee" and "Sorry, white-boy!" and things like that but then in most of these new small, white penis humiliation elements you leave it out and it's the best part. The girls can be disgusted but should always also find the puny, pink peckers hilariously funny looking. They should point and giggle at them and say things like "typical white-boy! Typical white-boy penis!" and "this is why white girls go black, little white-boy! 4 inches of pathetic and pink pee-wee pecker doesn't do shit for us!" Things like that lol. I write erotic cuckold stories so I know dialogue. Anyway, I just hope we continue to see more and more of this black vs white cock white-boy humiliation. I'm now looking forward to the gloryhole scenes than the cuckold sessions scenes. No chance of a hot wife/non-cuckold problem and I get to see the humiliation of the white penis that I crave daily. Thanks everyone involved here though! Great scene! more

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    I love Riley so much. She is LITERALLY perfect. You have got to bring her back for main site, Blowbang, everything. I can not get enough of this woman.


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