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Starring: Skylar Madison

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The word has hit the streets! Everyone seems to know!! Our adult bookstore is getting very "cruisy"! Take Skyler Madison, for example. She's a huge slut with an insatiable appetite for "N.S.A" (no strings attached) hook ups. She's known about the gloryholes in this particular store a while now, so when Skyler comes to the store, she dresses like a super slut. Then, she'll "browse" the adult DVD section before heading back to the arcade. But Skyler isn't browsing to buy; she's browsing to show everyone in the store she's down to suck! She did notice the store manager kinda down, and asks him why. "I know what goes on back there, and I'm pissed cause I gotta stay up here and work!" Skyler loves black meat, so she gave him a quick BJ...right in the store!! After she swallows his load, she's back in "the hole", waiting anxiously for another round!! It doesn't take long, and sure enough, soon she's sucking -- and fucking -- again! Another swallow, another perfect day for Skyler Madison!!

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Skylar Madison

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    Gang bang this gorgeous slut, I want to see her swallow more loads!

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    Love her blowing the store clerk before the gloryhole excellent touch!

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    Way back before AIDS made sex adventures too dangerous, I used to frequent three adult bookstores where I could enjoy sucking cock and eating loads of cum for my favorite store I often sucked off the shopkeeper behind the counter as he was dealing with customers. The added thrill of getting caught being busy made the sex more exciting for both of us. Then I'd go back to my favorite booth where the projector was always out of order so all it did was fill the booth with light so anybody could look through the side glory holes and see me totally naked and sucking cock or being fucked in my ass. sometimes the shopkeeper would take a break to watch me servicing men through the glory hole in the back wall into the "service area". I wish I could be back in the position of these lovely generous ladies but I can only enjoy these adventures vicariously in this age. And enjoy them I do! These scenes are wonderful! more

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    Love how she dresses like a total slut in public with her tits and ass cleavage hanging out! I want to see more of her with bare feet!

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    They need more Latinas and Asians at gloryhole

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    AMAZING scene! Madison blowing the clerk behind the counter before the booth was so fucking hot! That might be an element that should reoccur more in these scenes...solid! Only thing better would have been a bigger load at the end. Rico can never seem to bust much...must be fuckin chicks 24/7! more

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    Why can't you showcase the girls bodies at the beginning in stead of what you do every single scene, which is crazy stupid angles, extreme closeups, having the dudes walk in front or in back of them so we can't see! Plus every other trick you can think of NOT TO SHOW US THEIR BODIES! The pictures are way sexier than your camera "work"! You are consistent with it though, got to give you that. more

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    The actual plotting and action of this scene is great, as is Skylar ... but she deserves some thicker. meatier cocks on which to lavish her skills.

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    What a cutie! This girl needs to come back for a cuckold session!!

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    Skylar is a wonderful Black Cock Slut. It's about time young blood behind the register got to nut in some snow flake's mouth. Skylar, you are a hottie and you have known it your whole life. You were born for this. Sucking black cocks is what you do best. Soooo sexy. I, for one would like to see Dog Fart change these Glory Hole scenes up. You guys have done a good job recently by shooting out of a book store. How about more cocks coming out of the holes. The scene when Charlie and Rico went into the stall and fucked Ava Delush till her eyes rolled back was amazing. Let's have some Bulls rush in to the room sweep Madison up and carry her to the front of the store. Dude would have locked the door so 9 studs could work on sweet Madison's mouth, ass and pussy. Hell, let's hook up one of those sex swings from the ceiling and pass that bitch around like a Black Bull pinata. more


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